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OTCQB: EPAZ   EPAZZ, Inc. Cloud Business Software

Epazz Inc. is an enterprise-wide software company that specializes in providing customized web applications to the corporate world, higher education institutions and the public sector.

Epazz’s unique BoxesOS applications can create virtual communities for enhanced communication, provide information and content for decision-making, and create a secure marketplace for any type of commerce all through the medium of the Internet.

Epazz is the answer to the increasing information technology demand of the 21st century.

Epazz is demonstrating substantial growth in a competitive industry; Overall Company Growth of over 300% in last 3 years.

  • Steady Growth through Acquisitions
  • Organic Growth of Subsidiaries
  • Multiple Financing Opportunities
  • Fully Reporting Company with the SEC
  • Epazz will produce its first spinoff with “Project Flex” in 2013 which will pay a dividend to shareholders

Revenue Growth for Epazz, Inc.:

Growth Initiative via Patent Pending Technology

Planned Spin-Off "Project Flex" Patent Pending Cooling Technology

Project Flex is a new technology that will change the way cooling technology is used. Project Flex has received a patent pending status. Project Flex is a product which is not in line with Epazz's core business…

Therefore, we believe it is a great opportunity to be the first Epazz spin off.

Spinoff -

  • Dividend to shareholders

  • Will build value in Epazz as well as Project Flex

  • Several dividend options are being looked at

  • Effective date of the spinoff will be announced soon


  • Epazz, Inc. is in a strong growth industry (Cloud Computing: Intranet, Portal and Collaboration Software)
  • Epazz has already seen strong growth (300%+ in 3 years) and that growth is expected to accelerate at least through 2016

Strong and Optimized Growth Strategy:

  • Organic Growth of In-house products and services Growth through acquisitions of synergistic and strong revenue companies
  • Diversifying Streams of Income
  • Building Shareholder Value through Acquisitions and Spinoffs with dividend to shareholders
  • Strongly Accelerating Growth on the business side will eventually translate to substantially more marketplace value
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Author: Created: 11/14/2011 2:31 AM
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By blogger_Invest on 11/14/2011 3:17 AM
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EPAZ Fundamental Data

Market Value:$3.5 million a/o Sep 2013
Shares OS:3,456,108,703 a/o Sep 2013
Float: 251,394,176 a/o Jul 2013

Service Providers:

13831 Northwest Freeway
Suite 575
Houston, TX 77040

Legal Counsel
The Loev Law Firm, PC
6300 West Loop South
Bellaire, TX, 77401

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