Real Estate 

One of the most important tools of real estate companies are photographs of and information about properties for sale and a means for getting those photos to prospective buyers quickly and cheaply.

Epazz has provided two very powerful, easy to use tools which allow real estate companies to do just that. A customer portal can easily be created with web portal management software enabling real estate companies to securely share documents, calendars, and photos with customers. It enhances customer relationships by providing 24x7 access to the most reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information. Here agents can show properties, list statistics, and price along with seller requirements.

You can integrate in additional applications such as a website builder and accounting software to offer a full range of services from your network.

Other powerful selling tools of Epazz include:

Project Management
Collaboration tools
Calendar and scheduling system
Microsoft Outlook synchronization
Complete Document Management
Online communities or groups
Online courses
E-mail marketing
Integrate additional software