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OTCQB: EPAZ   EPAZZ, Inc. Cloud Bitcoin Blockchain Business Software

Epazz, Inc. specializes in enterprise cryptocurrency bitcoin blockchain mobile apps and cloud business process software with over 500 repeat customers. New Bitcoin Mobile app is a financial technology company that offers a unique Bitcoin and Ethereum payment mobile app software, allowing consumers to acquire Bitcoin at the point-of-sale. The consumer can then use the cryptocurrency or digital currency to make a purchase at the store with ease. Epazz technology makes it easy to convert legacy systems into cloud business process software, for which the company then charges an annual subscription fee. Epazz has acquired eleven software companies that have converted or are in the process of converting their legacy software products to cloud software using Epazz's technology. Epazz then markets the new cloud-based solutions to new and existing customers.

EPAZ Blockchain ZenaPay Progress Report

Company Highlights

Epazz ZenaPay Files a Patent for Blockchain Fantasy Sport Gambling Solution to Manage Compliance and Verification of Transaction to Benefit from Supreme Court Decision

Epazz Serverless Cloud Business Applications Could Lead to Faster Deployment and Increase in Revenue

Epazz ZenaPay Blockchain Fantasy Sport Module Will Release in States With Legal Mechanisms in Place

-Epazz Q1 Revenue UP and Profitability; Blockchain Mobile Apps and Cloud Business Software New Version Expected to Assist in Growing Revenue

Epazz, Inc. Records Record Revenues and Records Positive Operational Income

- Epazz reported 1.8 million dollars (unaudited) in revenues, an increase of over twenty percent from 2015 numbers.

- An operating income of $308,000 unaudited numbers.

Restructuring Debt

- Epazz, Inc. Eliminates Toxic Debt, Ends Toxic Financing and has Paid off Toxic Convertible Debt

- Epazz's goal over the last year has been to eliminate all toxic debt from the Company’s books.

- The company is working with their attorneys to fight back against predatory funders.

- This process has involved negotiating with current creditors with regard to debt settlements agreements, which include reduced balances, reduced interest rates (in some cases as low as 0 percent), elimination of many associated legal fees.


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By Usman on 4/24/2013 7:06 AM
Epazz, Inc., (EPAZ), (EPAZ) a leading provider of cloud based business softwaresolutions announced it has signed a new contract which extends SEPTA's license agreement through June 30, 2016; the total value of the contract is $178,220  and includes programming customizations to implement two new career sites to meet SEPTA's internal hiring needs.
By Usman on 4/15/2013 6:59 AM
Epazz, Inc. (EPAZ), a leading provider of cloud based business software solutions has confirmed its maintenance renewal rate for its proprietary AgentPower workforce management software are well over the 95% level. The high renewal rates will help Epazz grow its revenues during 2012 and 2013. AgentPower workforce management software continues to receive positive responses from our customers on Epazz's support and general IT consulting services.
By Usman on 4/10/2013 6:36 AM
Epazz, Inc. (OTCQB: EPAZ), a leading provider of cloud based business software solutions announced today that the Company would like to take a moment to let our shareholder base know that they are aware of their frustrations with the performance of the stock over the last few months. Even more disturbing is the trend that there is data that leads to the possibility that over 26 million shares have been shorted in the month of April alone. We would like our shareholders to know that even though the market recently has not reflected the progress the company has made, the Company is expecting continued record breaking achievements for 2013.

EPAZ Short Selling Report | EPAZ Short Data
By Usman on 4/9/2013 6:33 AM
Bottom Line Numbers Continue to Grow as Company Aggressively Expands through Acquisitions and Seeks new Acquisition Targets

Epazz, Inc. (OTCQB: EPAZ), a leading provider of cloud based business software solutions recently announced a 50 percent boost in revenues in the third quarter announced today that financial guidance for investors in 2013 and beyond is being revised upward given latest projections. The Company is in the process of closing two acquisitions and is currently in discussions with new acquisition targets. Additionally, Project Flex is expected to provide a substantial revenue stream for the Company.
By Usman on 4/4/2013 6:41 AM
Company Continues Aggressive Growth Through Acquisitions - Epazz, Inc. (OTCQB: EPAZ), a leading provider of cloud based business software solutions recently announced a 50 percent boost in revenues in the third quarter announced today that the pending acquisition of a Software Technology Solution Company in the Southeastern U.S. would have to boost revenues by 180 percent, if Epazz had owned it throughout 2012. Once this transaction is closed, this will be the second company plan acquisition by Epazz, Inc. this calendar year.
By Usman on 4/2/2013 6:44 AM
Epazz, Inc. (OTCQB: EPAZ), announced today that the Company has signed a letter of intent to acquire a Software Technology Solution Company in the Southeastern U.S. This new acquisition is expected to provide substantial growth to Epazz's revenue stream by bringing in $800,000 in revenues in the first year. The unaudited revenues for 2012 were over $900,000.

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EPAZ Fundamental Data

Market Value:$4,408,971 a/o July 2019
Shares OS:220,448,541 a/o July 2019

Shares AS: 300,000,000 a/o July 2019

Service Providers:

13831 Northwest Freeway
Suite 575
Houston, TX 77040

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