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By Usman on 1/29/2016 6:25 AM

Today, business owners can’t imagine working without technology. Computers, mobile devices,  and software change work for the better. Among the software choices out there, most businesses can use a document management system. What are the advantages of a quality document management system? 

By Usman on 1/27/2016 6:39 AM

An Intranet is basically a network of computers within an organization. This varies from an extranet which a networking system within the company and is outside. Intranets consists of local networks created within the organization to fulfill the purpose of streamlining business functions. They also ensure the workflow of the company and ensure the safety of assets online and offline. Corporate data moves through the secure network and made accessible to authorized personnel. Many small businesses struggle with whether or not to establish an intranet site and what benefits would result from such a move.



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