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Bitcoin is an Electronic Asset that can be used as Collateral for Online Gambling

Jun 29

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6/29/2019 6:21 AM  RssIcon

Bitcoin is an asset that provides liquidity which can use as collateral. The technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain, provides a smart contract which can be traced and verified. Epazz ($EPAZ Bitcoin stock, blockchain stock) is developing Webbeeo which has its Bitcoin payment social media platform. Webbeeo will have features which would allow for gamblers to use their Bitcoins in order to secure bets. Webbeeo will place the Bitcoin in the gambler’s wallet has a secure bet. The gambler will place the bet and the Bitcoin will be held in the web wallet as an escrow asset. If the gambler loses, the Bitcoin will be transfered to the winner. If the gambler wins, they will receive the Bitcoins in their wallets. Epazz will develop and launch Bitcoin wallets. The second generation adds technology that benefits from the recent Supreme Court on online gambling.



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