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Choosing the Best Intranet Software

Feb 18

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2/18/2016 7:09 AM  RssIcon

With hundreds of intranet platforms on the market, picking the one that is right for your business can be confusing. An organized technique must be applied to make sure not only that the excellent provider is selected, but the item has a profitable duration. Without defining these needs, the question is impossible to answer. But determining business requirements is only half the process. Before the implementation of the intranet in your business is crucial to first take some time to research.

This is determined by the market and industry nature with regards to what performs best for you. Here are some considerations before choosing an intranet platform.

Document Storage and Collaboration

If your company has an office or places worldwide, an intranet should bring employees together on a platform where they can discuss new concepts, concerns, work together on same documents and benefit from the experience of others. Employees must be able to access documents and collaborate with colleagues to achieve high work efficiency. Your employees will be able to work on projects at once, while identifying the requirements to send internal mail back etc. This also allows more flexible storage since all documents, presentations and as can be stored in one place, instead of being spread over several workstations. A successful solution will have a feature that allows employees to chat. This is a vital part of any an intranet software.

Knowledge Management

This one is another essential part of intranet software, either through a knowledge base forum or wiki. Workers with specialized skills can be added to wikis and forums and can help spark the debate on a project that can bring new ideas to the table. It also helps workers find other people who have the knowledge that they may need to bring to a project, making for better productivity and more precise work.

Communication Options

Now a day, workforce valued employers with integrity. An intranet can help companies develop further connections with workers by discussing information about the financial health, perspective and objective of the company, work plans and product ideas, company activities and more. The right software system will allow your company to make particular advertisements and discuss appropriate content for each customer. No matter what the position of an employee, he will be able to contribute to have a voice within the company.

Integration with Other Systems

The intranet should be a resource center. Makes your employees more efficient by reducing the search time of assets, such as sales and marketing documents, news, videos and dashboards of sales. The best intranets integrate with other systems, allowing you to display on a single platform. Conversations in two ways - as any other form of social development, social intranet to succeed, there must be a form of two-way communication. Of course, this can be done through forums too, but the ability of workers to leave comments and provide information may be essential to the success of a project and, of course, more sparks ideas.


Remain flexible is a key differentiator for any business. Successful companies are able to respond quickly to internal and external changes in the environment. It is essential to have an intranet that is scalable and can be updated easily by adding new pages, change the content and inserting new sections in existing designs pages.

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