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Benefits of Creating Agile Environment with Web Collaboration Software

Mar 29

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3/29/2016 8:50 AM  RssIcon

If you are running a company, and you’ve implemented agile environment, partially because it gives freedom to your team to work as they desire. But perhaps you have noticed that as your company grows larger, the harder it is to handle the all ongoing tasks – who’s working on what, their status and work progress, and dependency of projects and teams with each other. So this causes a lot of difficulties for you: project leaders need to watch out deeply in order to make decisions, about the work progress of their teams.

Epazz Web Collaboration Software has the ability to create an agile environment that can help you make sense of what’s going on across your teams and projects. Below are the five reasons to create agile environment with the help of Epazz Web Collaboration Software that can help you to get out of these difficulties, it makes sense that what is going.

Ability to manage the teams working visibility and working contribution

When you have multiple teams working on multiple projects, it becomes very difficult to manage the work visibility of every team member. And when you don’t know on what specific task exactly a team member is working on and what is the progress of work than it is totally wastage of your investment. The situation will be more complex if you move from 10 to 50 and from 50 to 100+ members of the team.

An agile Web Collaboration Software will give you amassed visibility across all teams including their assigned tasks, and allow you to set business plans. The best feature of this software is to keep all tasks on track.

Ability to track dependencies between teams and projects

Tracking dependencies are quite simple when you have a small team but as the members of your team increases and projects grow, the tracking dependencies becomes complex. Then an agile Web Collaboration Software will give you the ability to manage all teams and projects and allows you to create business and marketing plans, manage and track dependencies at the initial requirement gathering and documentation stage – so no disclosures come up in the development stage.

Ability to achieve the targets before deadlines

“How can we deliver before deadlines” is very common question that every stakeholder will ask, and the most difficult to answer it confidently. Without this level of visibility, it’s impossible to achieve the targets before deadlines, and even if you have a capable team. You can forecast about the product releases blindly if you have an agile Web Collaboration Software. It helps to complete the scheduled tasks before deadlines.

Ability to create status and progress reports in real-time

Epazz Agile Web Collaboration Software is directly connected to your teams work, and updates with changes and progress in real-time, will remove the pain of preparing progress reports for management team on regular basis.

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