Help Desk


Provide excellent customer service through our Help Desk feature. Epazz Help Desk feature is an efficient, cost effective, web-based, customer focused support environment. Address customer questions and concerns, create an FAQ, manage the request queue and track ticket status and completion.

Help Desk is flexible and customizable to your business and customer's needs. Provide tools for your help desk personnel. Add, assign, catalog, process, report and track all inquiries.

Help Desk features alerts and rules-based escalation to deal with issues on as needed basis.

FAQ sections can include high volume customer questions as well as address customer concerns without the need for help desk personnel response.

And tickets can be entered via the website or entered manually by help desk personnel.

Epazz also has a Help Desk reporting feature to monitor and track incoming requests, customer volume, problem resolution and other customizable reports as needed. This feature is available as an added application through your cloud based intranet.

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