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Epazz provides optimal software for your company's intranet. Our application maximizes usability, collaboration, and communication which enhances productivity and reduces expenses. Epazz unifies a company’s web-based applications with a single navigation system that connects executive direction, employee functioning and back-end systems.

Get immediate access to a full range of information and interactivity anytime because Epazz is web based.

Access the Epazz “FrontPage” which features customizable, personalized information for each user. The home button quickly navigates you back to the company page within any application. Also get mobile access from any mobile device.

With a click of the mouse, users can check their e-mail, view their calendar, communicate, and collaborate with co-workers or customers.

The user-friendly dashboard creates a unified design and navigation tools for each department’s customizable webpages. Links and buttons are highly visible to give users quick access to the intranet’s tools.

The powerful BoxesOS search engine compiles a unified index of the entire intranet and prioritizes search results appropriately.

Users can also establish a secure online workspace to hold online discussions and share important information with colleagues in the office next door or in the office on the other side of the world. We offer corporate intranet solutions.

With Epazz BoxesOS v 3.0 Intranet you can manage your Hosted Intranet Solution with
Quick setup

 Security optional 128bit SSL encryption
 99% uptime
 Integrated web based software
 A cloud based intranet system
Customization options
 No update patches to install
 Access from anywhere
 Breaking news headlines