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Enterprise Email Solution

BoxesOS Email Server

Epazz Email Server provides one of the most feature rich email server system on the market.  Through ViewPoint create your email account then have the option to categorize your inbox, create email lists, write automatic response emails and track incoming and outgoing email. Your email is secure with the leading Clam™ Anti-Virus plugin.

Epazz Email Server can be used as a fully functional web mail client in "Client Mode", accessing your existing POP3 or IMAP mailboxes. Receive, send, and store your email in Epazz ViewPoint via either POP3 and IMAP.  Having convenient access to your email through ViewPoint is another great added feature of your Epazz software.

Email Server integrated with BoxesOS Web Infrastructure benefits

Email system and  File Manager integrate

  Upload attachments straight from file manager to your email
  Upload documents, images, pictures, and graphics
  Store files as emails or within File manager
  Large storage account provides more flexibility
Integration with ERPs, CRMs and administrative operating systems
  Easily create email accounts
  Easily deactivate former employees
  Easily change user's group status

Clam™ Anti-Virus Plug-in

Anti-Virus support is built using the industry-leading virus detection toolkit Clam™. You get a high performing, versatile anti-virus solution for your email-server with your BoxesOS Email Server.

Outlook Sync

Using Outlook Sync you can synchronize MS Outlook Contact, Calendar, and Task data with any email-account hosted by BoxesOS Email server.


IBoxesOS ViewPoint stores Calendar, Task, and Contact data in a SQL database. Modify data synchronized with Outlook and the changes are automatically copied into MS Outlook.