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Pathways Integration Management

Pathways Integration Broker

Epazz Pathways integrates your applications to connect with your ERP or Legacy systems.  Pathways Integration Suite lets your company's intranet system retrieve from and return data to ERPs.  Pathways provides a library of enterprise connectors and adapters to access your multi data sources in a single secure web platform.  It uses several open data access technologies including ODBC, OLE DB and JDBC. Pathways offers streamlined flexibility.

Because Pathways offers a stable environment for Epazz you get a secure and efficient intranet solution with real-time connectivity.

Pathways is easy to use and secure for all of your data storage needs because it utilizes XML messages (based on SOAP).  Our cloud based intranet is well designed and customizable. Connect software and data with one easy to use application. As an added safety feature, Pathways provides policy management and authentication.