About Us

About Us

Epazz, Inc. is a mission-critical provider of metaverse solutions, blockchain, cryptocurrency apps, and cloud-based business solutions. We provide customized software enterprise solutions to businesses, governments, healthcare providers, and post-secondary institutions. Moreover, our software products include office space management, Bitcoin wallet, and payment system, applicant tracking system, kennel business software solutions, innovative industrial drone technology, among many others. Epazz is developing Metaverse business solutions that enable people to collaborate in real-time through virtual reality and augmented reality. We are upgrading our business solutions, especially DeskFlex room booking software, to integrate into the Metaverse fully. It is possible through integrated Virtual Reality glasses, called Epazz Slims.


Epazz was founded by Shaun Passley in February 1999 who saw the need and benefits of integrated web-based applications for the increasing demand of relevant and timely information for personal and business management. Today his vision has expanded to include the business world and the public sector as well as higher education institutions. Epazz has created software to enhance the ways institutions and corporations do business.

Mission Statement

Meet the information needs of institutions and corporations through enhanced communications between key constituents and stakeholders, to reduce costs, and to create sources of additional revenue.

Management Team

Shaun Passley, Ph.D. is Epazz, Inc.’s Chairman & CEO. He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Masters of Science in Information Technology from DePaul University, an MBA from Benedictine University, a Masters of Science in Product Development from Northwestern University, and a PhD from Benedictine University College of Business. Epazz is Dr. Passley’s second entrepreneurial endeavor. Dr. Passley has the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to identify a market opportunity and launch successful new ventures. Dr. Passley is responsible for Epazz, Inc. software and product development, overall design and research, and development of future products and services.

Raymond Kennedy

Raymond Kennedy is the Director of Sales. He has an MBA from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI. Mr. Kennedy has 20 years of experience in enterprise software sales. Mr. Kennedy was the Marketing Director for HCM, Inc., where he establish six new sales territories and increase sales by more than 30%. Mr. Kennedy is responsible for Epazz, Inc.’s national sales channels.

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