Web Collaboration

End-User Suite BoxesOS Administrative Services

Epazz BoxesOS is an enterprise software for the higher education institutions and enterprises. It is designed to maximize communication and functionality for key stakeholders providing one-stop access, secure, Internet-enabled integration to administrative operating systems.

Communication among stakeholders can be immediately enhanced and administrative utility improved irrespective of whether they are on legacy platforms or recent ERP implementations (such as Peoplesoft, Datatel, SCT, Oracle, and SAP).

Think differently! Immediate user group utility followed by secure, administrative functionality, (instead of waiting to deliver user group utility until completion of upgrades) can cut over to new administrative platforms. BoxesOS allows the institution to start-up by implementing elegant web-enabled information dashboards for each stakeholder group. Functionality with administrative systems can be swiftly completed using connectors to legacy administrative platforms. Administrative operating systems that require upgrading, can be upgraded on a prioritized basis as desired, and easily linked to BoxesOS and its personal information system.


Take a look inside the BOX (312) 955-8161 Web-based E-mail server is also provided within BoxesOS. For information click here to download the white paper