End-User Suite boxes Administrative Services

Maximize communication and functionality with a full featured web based intranet software. Write, create, and share with a user friendly software. Our network integrated and secure program provides all the solutions you need.

Communicate clearly and improve workflow with Epazz software. If you currently have intranet software, we can integrate Epazz with your system. We integrate with legacy platforms or recent ERP implementations.

Our intranet system gives you secure access and administrative control to customize features for your business needs. You get a web based dashboard and a host of features to streamline your business processes.

Epazz is easy to install and set up by selecting the features and format that fits your business. You get automatic upgrades because you have cloud based intranet.

Take a look inside the BOX call us Today for a Live Demo (312) 955-8161 Web based E-mail server is also provided within BoxesOS.