Metaverse Products

Epazz Products Metaverse Virtual Office

Epazz DeskFlex metaverse office will enable crucial office interactions via augmented reality. Teams can now reach out to each other like in an actual office, total sensory involvement.

Real Office Collaborations

DeskFlex office management solution is one of Epazz’s flagship products with high demand during the pandemic. It is a desk booking software solution that allows organizations to optimize their office resources, such as workstations, conference rooms, and cubicles. It will enable employees to schedule their time in the office, conserving utilities while maximizing efficient use of space.

As remote and hybrid work arrangements become the new norm, team members working from home feel isolated, detached from the team, and depressed from lack of social interaction with colleagues.

DeskFlex Metaverse Augmented Reality

Epazz is developing an affordable Virtual Reality Smart Glasses technology called Epazz Slims. Every worker can enter the DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office and collaborate with their teams like they would in an actual office. Similar VR glasses are offered in the market at significantly higher prices, making them unaffordable for most companies to use.

Epazz Slims Virtual Reality Glasses

The Epazz Slims are a pair of virtual reality glasses that will allow team members to experience complete sensory involvement in virtual reality and augmented reality office meetings or conferences.

Epazz Slims will be fitted with multiple nano webcams to create a real-time 3D avatar of each colleague. Real-time discussions and interactions will be made possible through lightweight VR glasses.

Using the Epazz Slims, remote employees enter a visual representation of their office and interact with co-workers that are also working remotely. Unlike video meetings or conferences, DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office will display 3D objects and personnel to enhance team collaboration.

Epazz-DeskFlex will soon be adding software and hardware products to jumpstart the DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office.

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