Content Management

Content Management

The Content Management Component creates, manages, organizes, archives and shares content. Present content in many forms such as web pages, emails, polls, documents, RSS, and press releases. Content Management Component from BoxesOS enables designers, content writers, and contributors to create web pages without the need to know HTML.

Website Management

Website Management is a great tool to manage private and public web sites. This application allows web administrators, content writers, graphic designers and others involved in creating the website to make changes with little or no programming knowledge. Web developers can create a style sheet and assign access levels for editing, adding, uploading and deleting information.

Email Content Management

Setup your email account with email templates which can be customized and personalized to each user. BoxesOS lets administrators grant access to sub administrators to design or create content for your organization’s email account. For example sub administrators can create an automatic email response when a client or interested party sends a query email.

You can also setup an email list to send emails to visitors wanting information regularly either on a weekly basis or specific date. Each of these emails is entered into the tracking system as an outbound communication. Another added feature is that administrators can track emails to see which email template was used, who created the email template, and to whom the email was sent. Also because Epazz uses HTML formatted email instead of text formatted email you can track if the recipient has viewed the email and at what time.

External Content Aggregator

Content Management Component provides a news aggregator using RSS (Really Simple Syndication), which is an XML-based format for distributing and aggregating Web content (such as news headlines or blogs) within your corporate intranet. RSS gathers information from sites you specify, then delivers it to you including news links, headlines, and summaries.

Content Management lets you add RSS feeds to My Web, My School or FrontPage. You can also use RSS feeds as incorporated content into your own weblogs, or blogs. Gather what you want from the web, then present it in a user friendly format right in your corporate intranet.

Web Analysis Tool

The Web Analysis tool provides detailed reports on the interaction and activity of logged-in site visitors. This tool also provides reports on the number of click-throughs and pages visited. Below are screen shots of the Web Analysis tool.

Poll Management

Create surveys and see the analyzed results with Poll Management. Then export the results of the surveys into MS Excel. Simply decide what information you need, create a survey to gather that information, then see the analyzed results in Poll Management. This turns opinion into actual evidence which is the basis for solid business decisions.

Poll Management also can collect and report information about individuals or small groups. With advanced metric data software you can get clear facts and identify any defects or liabilities that would affect your organization. Making informed decisions after seeing survey results improves efficiency and avoids costly errors.

Poll Results: This is the poll results page.

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